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Our Vision

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In simplest terms, our vision is to create the definitive restaurant operating system that will make restaurants more profitable, more efficient, and ultimately create a better dining experience.
So what does this mean?
We want to provide restaurateurs a comprehensive and integrated set of tools to clearly see, manage, and optimize their restaurant from soup to nuts. If it’s affecting the restaurant, we want it to be part of the restaurant operating system. It’s a fairly ambitious vision that will take time to completely realize.
Right now, we are working on the core set of services for the restaurant operating system. We will be making it available soon. Over time, we’ll be adding additional services (35 identified to date) to complete the vision. It will include the features of a traditional point of sale (A POS with the functionality restaurants have been hoping for), plus a whole lot more.
Yes, it’s ambitious. Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work. But it’s time we brought the restaurants of the world into the information age. Restaurants deserve better information technology than they have been forced to cope with and we are going to bring it to them.
Our dream is to reduce the restaurant failure rate, reduce burnout, and give restaurateurs and staff a better life. Our vision of the restaurant operating system is a vital tool to help do that.
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