Commission-Free Online Ordering for $60/month FREE *

Take online orders and credit card payments from the web commission free!

* Special Offer during Covid-19. Restaurants based in the US only. Requires a Merchant Account. Visa, Mastercard, & Discover at flat rate 2.49% and $0.25 per online transaction. For American Express additional fees apply. Month to month. No cancellation or early termination fees.

How it works


Add categories.
salads with required modifier
Add menu items with as many required modifiers as you would like using our graphical editor.

Click Save and the menu is ready for guests to use for online ordering.

Takes just a day or two for medium to large menus.

Or have us do it for you for $1 per menu item.

Add in Restaurant details (name, tagline, hours, location, phone) and your website is up and running.

(Custom domains add extra one-time steps.)

Guest Orders & Pays

Order and pay
Restaurant guest enters online order and pays with credit card.

Receive Order

togo takeout
Order comes to restaurant computer or tablet and appears on togo/takeout screen.

Send Order

send order
Restaurant staff reviews order and sends to kitchen and/or floor printers.

Cook and Package Order

Ordering is cooked and packaged for togo/takeout.

Happy Guest!

happy guest
Guest picks up online order. Happy guest!
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